NY Conference Abundant Health 100-Church Challenge and Ministry Survey

Dear Church Leaders,

We continue to be excited about the possibilities for the NYAC Abundant Health Ministry!  To move forward with our plans and activities, we encourage you and your church to assist us by Completing the NYAC “Abundant Health” Survey and by Signing Up to join the NYAC 100 Church Challenge.  Information and signup forms are found below.

Abundant Health is an Initiative of the UMC General Board of Global Ministries and is currently seeking to raise funds to support children around the world with lifesaving health interventions and also to assist local congregations in creating Health Ministries of Body, Mind, and Spirit in their churches and their communities.

Current NYAC Abundant Health Ministries focus on Active Living, Healthy Eating, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention/Education, and Spiritual Formation.

We are also seeking to assist churches in creating and developing new Abundant Health Ministries.  The NYAC has a gifted Abundant Health Leadership Team to help with this process.

We are aware that many of our NYAC congregations are already engaged in Health Ministries and Activities. To share these success stories with other churches, we encourage you to complete the Abundant Health Survey found below.

To join the NYAC 100 Church Challenge, your church should be willing to support the goals of:

  • Creating a Health Ministry or Ministries within your local congregation or community
  • Donating funds to help support children around the world with lifesaving health interventions

By completing this Abundant Health Survey and by signing up for the 100 Church Challenge, it will help us to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider how to move forward with the NYAC Abundant Health Ministry.  Thank you for assisting us with this!

*First Name
*Last Name
Your church

Choose your chuch name from the drop-down list - sorted by city/town, then church name. If you are at a non-church ministry site, the last option is "Other."

*Your role in Health Ministry:

Do you have a role in your Church’s Health Ministry?  If so, what is your role?

Abundant health ministries is focused on four key areas: active livinghealthy eatingmental health and drug and alcohol abuse prevention/education. This can mean doing everything from providing a food pantry to working with Imagine No Malaria to pastoral counseling.

With those key areas in mind please tell us (specific examples are helpful):

Health Ministries within your congregation:

What efforts are being made within your congregation to address and promote Abundant Health initiatives or activities?

Health Ministries within your local community:

What efforts are being made with your local community to address and promote Abundant Health Initiatives and activities?

Health Ministries across the globe:

What efforts are being made by your congregation to globally address and promote  Abundant Health around the world?

Abundant Health Goals:

If your congregation were to expand its involvement in Abundant Health Initiatives and Activities, which Areas of Health would you be most interested in committing to and practicing?

Opportunities for Physical Well-Being
Opportunities for Healthy Eating Habits
Opportunities for Vibrant Mental Health
Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Prevention, and Education.
Opportunities for Resilient Spiritual Well-Being
Hosting an Abundant Health “Hulapalooza” Event
Hosting a District “Expo” Event
Participating in Local Church “Abundant Health” Workshops
NYAC 100 Church Challenge
No answer
Yes, our church would like to join the 100 Church Challenge
We are interested in the 100 Church Challenge, but would like further information.

We truly appreciate your taking the time to respond to the Abundant Health Survey and the NYAC 100 Church Challenge.  Thank you.

In faith,
Wendy Vencuss
NYAC Abundant Health Coordinator

“I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly!”  John 10:10

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