2019 Hatchathon

2019 Hatchathon with Kenda Creasy Dean and Mark DeVries

We ask that you bring a team of 3 to 5 people, at least one of whom must be a youth (13-18 years old).  (For Safe Sanctuaries, you must also have two unrelated adults.)  Please register your team together (below).  The registration fee of $500 per team will be used to offset the costs of food and building usage.  NOTE: If the cost of the event is preventing you from registering, please call the NYAC Office of Congregational Development at 914-615-2228.

Dates:       October 11-13

Location:  Asbury Crestwood UMC 
                  167 Scarsdale Road
                  Tuckahoe NY 10707

More information about the schedule for the weekend, and pre-work to be done before your team arrives, will be sent after we receive your paid registration.

Please register below.  To add a team member, click the "add another" button.

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Prework: Ministry Ideas

Please list two ministry ideas which are outwardly focused: 1. Practical (you know you can do it);  2. The sky is the limit (your "big dream" ministry idea, if there was nothing holding you back)

1. Practical ministry idea
2. The sky's the limit ministry idea

Photos and/or videos may be taken during this event, to be published on Ministry Incubators' and NYAC's websites and/or social media pages.  Please indicate below if we have your permission to photograph your team.  Any photos published will not contain names without further written consent.

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