CrossRoads Anti-Racism Training | Fall 2019

This is new mandatory training for pastors, conference staff, all conference- and district-level positions, lay leaders (district and local), lay servants and lay ministries, staff parish relations committee chairs, all candidates for ministry, and the cabinet. It is sponsored by the Conference Commission on Religion & Race (CCORR). For additional information please contact: Sheila Beckford at Sheila.Beckford@nyac-umc.comAll districts are invited.

This event will be held from October 31-November 2, 2019 at the Center at Mariandale in Ossining, N.Y.

Training days/times:
Thursday, Oct. 31: 6-9 p.m.
Frday, Nov. 1: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 2: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.


  • Accommodations are available for the 2 nights of the training. Meals will also be provided for those who stay or commute. The first meal is Thursday night.
  • Attendance is FREE for members of the New York Annual Conference, however there is a $250 refundable deposit for this training (Conference Commission on Religion & Race will pay the $250 cost). Without payment of the $250, your registration is not complete. This fee will be returned to NYAC registrants after the training is completed. Registrants who do not attend, or do not cancel within 2 weeks of the training will forfeit the $250. 
  • Attendance cost is $150 for registrants who are from other United Methodist conferences. Information about the deposit is the same as in the previous bullet point, but only $100 of the deposit will be refunded. CCORR leadership is more than willing to work with you and your conference to find funding as needed.
  • Attendance cost is $250 for registrants who are not affiliated with the United Methodist Church. We encourage all who want to participate in our trainings to register, however please note that Non-UMC affiliates will have to pay the full registration fee. 
  •  Without hesitation, please reach out to Rev. Sheila Beckford at to discuss any financial hardship situations or concerns you may have. 
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*Refundable Deposit ($250) 22 available

There is a $250 refundable deposit for this training (non-refundable to non-UMC-affiliated registrants; $100 refunded to members of other UMC conferences). Without payment of the $250, this registration is not complete. This fee will be returned to UMC-affiliated registrants after the completion of the training. Registrants who do not attend, or do not cancel within 2 weeks of the training will forfeit the $250. Please reach out to Rev. Sheila Beckford at to discuss any hardship situations.

There are two ways to pay this fee:
After you click "Submit Form," below, you can pay by PayPal by clicking the "Pay Now" button at the top of the page.

To pay by check, please make it payable to "NYAC" with "CCORR Training" on the memo line, and mail it to to NYAC, Attn: Fran Collins, 20 Soundview Ave., White Plains, NY 10606.

There are only 22 available
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