2019 Annual Conference - Retirees Attending Friday, June 7th

1. Important Information

This registration is for retirees attending the Friday session only, with the option of staying in Hofstra Housing on Thursday and/or Friday night. If you are not a retiree, or are a retiree planning on staying for other days, please use the standard Annual Conference registration by clicking here.

Important Note: Using this one form you may register just yourself or you and your spouse. Be sure to scroll all the way down the page! Provide "contact" information (above) for whomever can be contacted about your registration. Either way, if you are the "contact" and you will attend Annual Conference, please list yourself in both the "contact" and "registrant" fields of this form.

AOL users: Please DO NOT use your AOL browser (you will not be able to register); open Internet Explorer (or another browser: Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and navigate back to this page (go to www.nyac.com/ac, then click on the appropriate "register" button). Thank you.

Conference Rules/Release Form: As part of our contract with Hofstra University, there are rules and regulations that we must relay to you. Also included is a photo/video release form that you are agreeing to by registering for annual conference. Please click here to view these rules/release. At the end of this form you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read and agree to these rules and release.

2. Registrant Information
Who is filling out this form?
First Name
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*First Name *Last Name *Email
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*Daytime Phone
Preferred Name

If you would like a name on your badge other than your First Name and Last Name listed above, please list the full name here.

Your church
**Registrant Type
Retired Clergy ($20)
Retired Clergy Spouse/Guest ($20)
*Legislative Section in Which You Will Vote

Members of the annual conference have voting rights during the legislative sections. If your spouse is not a member of annual conference, he/she will be able to attend, but not vote during a legislative section as long as he/she sits outside of the "bar." Any questions of the boundaries of the bar should be addressed to the leader of the legislative section. Non-voting attendees to annual conference should choose "None/Non-Voting Status."

3. Accessibility Options

The hospitality team is working closely with the Conference Accessibility Committee to make Annual Conference as accessible and pleasurable as possible for everyone. Please contact Accessibility Committee Member John LeCain if you would like to discuss further any special considerations you may need (see information about Pastor LeCain's role in the Call to Conference). Email: john.lecain@nyac-umc.com, Phone: 518-821-2816, Address: P.O. Box 176, Kerhonkson, NY 12446.

Individuals using mobility-assistant devices (wheelchairs, scooters, etc.) will be allowed on the floor of the arena this year when accompanied by an adult to assistant in an emergency; we are putting together a team of assistants to supplement those who may not have an adult with them at conference. A wheelchair-accessible voting area and microphone will still be available on the lobby level of the arena.

Special Needs

If you have considerations that require the help of the Conference Management Team, please list them here. For food allergies, please see the "Meals" section of this registration below.

Translation Required?
4. Housing
**Room Type

If staying in Hofstra Housing, each attendee must pay for their room at the appropriate rate. Please choose the nights/occupancy level below.

Thursday night - Single Room (one occupant) ($55.25)
Thursday night - Double Room (per person) ($45.25)
Friday night - Single Room (one occupant) ($55.25)
Friday night - Double Room (per person) ($45.25)
No room
Roommate (for Double Rooms)

Please list the name of your roommate. If you don't list a roommate, or the person you listed isn't coming to Annual Conference, we will assign a roommate for you.

Help with Luggage upon Arrival: If you are staying at Hofstra and need help with your bags, please stop by the Hospitality Desk in the arena lobby when you check in to get your credentials and dorm keys.  We will have volunteers available to help you. 

Special Housing Needs

Please click the items below that you require during your stay at Hofstra. We will do our best to fulfill all requests. 

No answer
Room on the first floor or in a dorm with elevators
Room with a wheelchair-accessible shower
5. Meals

Thursday's meals are included in the cost of registration. Additional meals can be purchased at the check-in area in the lobby of the arena.

Are you a vegetarian/vegan?

If yes, during check-in at the arena, you will be provided with meal tickets to be used at the Student Center Cafeteria to ensure that you have a vegetarian/vegan meal alternative for all lunches and dinners served during your time at conference. If your food allergy is not listed, please contact the event manager, Barbara Eastman at website@nyac.com to make special arrangements as necessary.

No answer
Food Allergies

Those with dietary restrictions will be able to choose from the variety of foods available at the banquet. For those with food allergies, please check the allergy below for which Hofstra can, and will, make special accommodations:

Peanut allergy
Tree nut/oil allergy
Gluten allergy
Dairy allergy
Shellfish allergy
*Friday Breakfast
Student Center Dining Room
Asian Council
Fellowship of Local Pastors & Assoc. Members
Mission Ministries
Women in Ministry
*Friday Lunch
Student Center Dining Room
Church & Society — Wesleyan Justice: Our Heritage, Our Future
Korean Council
Retired Ministers & Spouses Fellowship
*Friday Dinner
Student Center Cafeteria
Methodists in New Directions (MIND) and NYAC Queer Clergy Caucus (Speaker: Bishop Yvette A. Flunder, founder and senior pastor of City of Refuge and Presiding Bishop of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries)
Wesley Fellowship (Speaker: Prof. William Abraham, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University)
6. Donations
Voluntary Donations

If you would like to make a voluntary donation to help defray expenses, please click on one or more of the choices below. (Additional donations can be made directly to the Annual Conference Center, or can be delivered at the Conference.) Thank you for your help!

Option 1 ($10)
Option 2 ($25)
Option 3 ($50)
Option 4 ($100)
You Are Almost Finished!
*Hofstra/Conference Rules/Release

As part of our contract with Hofstra University, there are rules and regulations that we must relay to you. Also included is a photo/video release form that you are agreeing to by registering for annual conference. Please click here to view these rules/release. Check the box above to acknowledge that you have read and agree to these rules/release.

The total due for your Annual Conference registration appears in the lower right corner of the screen. You can pay this by VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover through PayPal by clicking on the "Pay Now" button that will appear after you click the "Submit" button below. If you do not pay by PayPal, you will need to send a check to NYAC, Attn: Fran Collins, 20 Soundview Ave., White Plains, NY 10606. Please print out a copy of your confirmation screen and mail it with your check. Thank you!

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