2015 Profile of Conference/Episcopal Area

1. Your Information
*First Name
*Last Name
Your church and district
Committees on which you serve
Your age and gender
2. Please describe ways your church, district or community are seeking to respond to the following demographic realities:
• Socio/Economic
• Population fluctuations
• Racial/Ethnic
• Religious/Spiritual
3. New York Epsicopal Area (NYAC) Gifts/Advantages
List four and explain why:
4. New York Epsicopal Area (NYAC) Challenges
List four and explain why:
5. Helping Local Churches
How is the NYAC helping local churches reach new people, younger people and more diverse people?
6. Episcopal Leader Characteristics
What characteristics do you desire in an episcopal leader for this time in the life of the NYAC? List top three in order of priority and explain why.
7. Additional Information
What else do you wish to share with the Northeastern Jurisdiction Committee on Episcopacy?
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